About us

Aquashop was founded in 2007 with many years of professional experience and coprehensive working knowledge of posession of founding members. At the beginning the main company activitiy was the pool construction and engineering design characterizing. Right at the beginning, it was also important to built the commercial activity step-by-step.

The dynamic progression and success in years 2009-2010 provided a strong background for intensive development of commercial activities. In line with this, now our construction activity is focusing mainly an actively professional support to our partners in construction and/or engaged in commercial activities. Heart of our business is the reliable, fast and flexible service, taking into account the customers' expectations.

By selection of suppliers of its products pays Aquashop a special attention for having excellent products that can be offered to customers to act as quality as value for money in respect at any time.

It is important for us, at Aquashop, that our partners are fully satisfied.

Quality, support, customer focus.